Tattoo - How it is Done?

A tattoo is nothing more than ink deposited under the skin. How it gets there is another matter all together. The following will be an overview of how modern tattooing, achieves the desired effects. Once the tattoo gun is set up, cleaned and disinfected, clean sterile needles are installed in the needle tube. The needles are not hollow, and are approximately. 1 inch long, and soldered upon a needle bar. For outlining a single needle is used, or 3 needles soldered together, Read More

What type of Tattoo Design?

Many people marvel at how beautiful Chinese letters are, as a result it is now very popular to have words or phrases tattooed in Chinese letters. It makes for exceptional art work. One note of caution, make sure that you’re one hundred percent sure that the Chinese words translate to the phrase you originally requested, we’ve heard some very interesting stories of people being tattooed with offensive Chinese words, it can be expensive to remove tattoos of this nature. Read More

Where to find a Tattoo Artist?

The bane of the tattoo world is the shadowy, unprofessional person called the “scratcher.” A scratcher is somebody who: a. Does not have the proper training in either tattoo art or of running a professional operation b. Does not know and/or care to use responsible sterilization methods C. Promises to provide tattooing services for an incredibly low fee, for free, or in exchange for drugs Read More

How about Tattoo Aftercare?

The tattooist uses a gun that’s about the same size as the drill a dentist would use. The number of needles it holds at one time depends on how much ink needs to be deposited to achieve the desired effect. Your skin has two layers: the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is the surface layer, and the dermis is underneath. The ink is deposited about a millimeter under the skin in the dermis. Read More





Ten Signs You Are in the Right Tattoo Shop. Never select an artist who can not produce some kind of portfolio. A photo album of tattoos done on living skin should be provided for you to look at in the… Read More

Animal Tattoos.  Animals are chosen as tattoos for many reasons. It may be just because you happen to like the four-legged fuzzy creature. It may be because you need to commemorate the… Read More

Tattoo Ink and Basic Inking Styles. Tattoo ink isn’t really ink. It’s a combination of pigments suspended in a carrier solution. Unfortunately there is no real way to know what is in tattoo… Read More

The Science of Tattoos and The Tattoo Gun. Early tattooing techniques seem quite barbaric by today’s standards. South American tribes scratched or pricked at the skin and then smeared… Read More

Ocean and River Life  Tattoos. The most popular oceanic tattoos are fish, whales, crabs and dolphins. Fish are associated with messiahs and saviors. The ithycus fish, which is a… Read More

Oil-Itch-Relief Method From Blue Dragon Tattoos – Tattoo Aftercare. For effortless healing of your new tattoo please follow these directions carefully. Leave sterile dressing covering tattooed… Read More



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Artist John Maxx

1Bucuresti, Romania

By Simone Pfaff

2Buena Vista Tattoo, Germany

Artist Nikko Hurtado

3Hesperia, California

Silvano Fiato

4Genova, Italy

Cecil Porter Tattoos

5Murrieta, California

Artist Bob Tyrrell

6Detroit, Michigan

Andy S Tattoo Studio

7Kitzingen, Germany

Artist Alex de Pase

8Grado, Italy







Artist Andrey Barkov

12Moscow, Russia

Artist Müllner Csaba

13Paris, France

Artist Silvano Fiato

14Genova, Italy

Tom Renshaw

15Troy, Michigan

Cecil Porter Tattoos

16Murrieta, California

Anabi Tattoo

17Szczecin, Poland

Giuliano Cascella

18Naples, Italy

Kirk Alley's 1111 Tattoo

19L.A. California

Tetovažer Cigla

20Cologne, Germany

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